Final Fantasy XIII-2 Preview

There were a lot of people that bashed Final Fantasy XIII. Some even wonder why they would think to make a second game when the first game was so bad. But the first game actually was pretty good, it was just different then your typical FF game. FF13 was a bit of a letdown for me as I waited for several years for it to come out I was expecting it to be amazing. I had high expectations that it didn't quite meet for me, but I still enjoyed the game. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is scheduled for release early in 2012. This game is looking to promise to be a great game and a better experience than Final Fantasy XIII.

From what has been revealed about the game so far it looks like Sarah, Lightning's sister will not only be a playable character but one of the main characters in this game. The battle system uses the same paradigm shift that FFXIII had but with extra features added to it. It will have a cinematic actions features that require having to press buttons during a fight so they are made more interactive. The battle system will also implement a new feature that allows you to get monsters in your party that battle with you and shift when you change paradigms. This seems like it could be adding a nice component to the game.

The main complaint about FFXIII people had was how linear the game-play was. FF XIII-2 will have the world be able to be explored and have things you can do in the game besides proceed in one direction. We will have many of the characters from FFXIII be returning for the sequel. Lightning will be playable but doesn't seem to be the main character again. Although the story did go back and forth with all the characters in FFXIII, the main character could be debatable.

This game should come out early in 2012 if it doesn't get delayed and Final Fantasy XIII-2 looks to have a lot of hope in store for Final Fantasy fans. Whether you enjoyed FFXIII or not, this game should be entertaining for any fans of Rpg games, or more specifically Final Fantasy games. The cinematic beauty of the first game will be back in this sequel with some changes making the game more like a lot of people hoped FFXIII would be.

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